Free Templates and Fonts

Lacking inspiration? Not a problem! On Artfia's online platform, we have prepared a variety of design templates for you to take your pick. Regardless of whether you intend to print flyers, menus, business cards, posters or even more, there are templates to suit your every need and desire. You are also able to add a personal by choosing Artfia's free fonts to complement your favourite design template.
Artfia Design | Free Design Template

Huge Photo Library

Can't find the right photo? Artfia’s online design platform also contains a whole host of wonderful photos that you can choose from. Just click or drag the photo you love for it to be added as part of your design or the background.

Touch Up Tools for Flawless Photos

Artfia's photo editing tools can make photos stand out and flawless by adding filters, adjusting the brightness and saturation, or using our cropping function to edit your photo to exactly what you like.

Download or Print out your Designs

Artfia's online design platform can bring your design from the drawing board into reality. You can download your design as a JPG or PDF file, or we can personally print it for you. Artfia, unlike other design software tools, is able to offer premium, high-quality printing services and prompt delivery to your chosen address.
Artfia Design | Collaborate with Your Team
Collaborate with Your Team
Create teams and collaborate with your colleagues to edit a design collectively with ease. Your design can have multiple editors and allows for easy changes to be made by any of your team members. Building Individual Brands or Designs.
Artfia Design | Build your Brand
Build your Brand
Artfia's platform is tailored to helping you create a specific brand by using color, font or photos, and making the designs consistent in style. You can save your files under a particular brand folder to make it more convenient for you to design and access work.
Filing and Storage
Filing and Storage
Artfia's filing system helps you save every one of your bespoke creations on the platform. It makes it easier for you to retrieve and view your designs in one place.