What is Artfia?
Artfia is an online design tool by which users can design anything and publish anywhere. Artfia offers a user-friendly drag and drop function and a variety of customizable design templates. You can also gain access to stock images, graphics and photos which can be used in any design.
What can you do with Artfia?
With Artfia, you can design amazing promotional materials, such as posters and leaflets, and graphics for social media. You are able to save and edit the design anytime. To improve the work efficiency, Artfia also allows you to share the design to your team members for review and edit.
Who uses Artfia?
Startup owners who want to stand out of the crowd on a budget.
Team leaders who need their teams to be more efficient while ensuring consistency across all documents.
Nonprofits and charities who want to empower their teams to create high-impact graphics and marketing materials.
Individuals who hope to develop their design skills and use them at work or just for fun.
Create your account
To set up a Artfia account, you can access to the homepage https://studio.artfia.com/ and click “Sign in”. If you have not registered the account yet, click “Sign up”. Enter you email, name and password or click “Sign up with Facebook”
Select design type
The first step to creating a design on Artfia is deciding what you need this design for. Artfia offers various design types you can choose from, including social media graphics, posters and restaurant menus.

To get started, click “Design Now” button on the side panel, and scroll through the available options and choose the one you want
Navigate the Artfia editor
Artfia editor is where all the design happens. To help you get familiarized with all parts of the editor, here are its most basic parts.

Menu bar is on the very top of the editor where you are able to access the features like Undo, Redo, Resize, Share, Download, Publish and Print. You are also able to see your design’s saving status from here.
Toolbar is where you customize the formatting of your design elements. The contents of the toolbar depend on the element you choose.
Side panel appears on the side of the editor where you are able to access the templates and elements you can use in your design. It is divided into 5 tabs dedicated to Templates, Text, Elements, Background and Uploads.
Artfia interface is the blank white space which is the main workspace for you design.
Zoom is where you can adjust the zoom settings of the editor.
Select a template
The first thing you notice on the side panel should be the Templates tab. The templates tab shows all the templates available you can use for your design.
Scroll through the available templates to find the one you love. Once you find a template you wish to use, simply click on the sketch to apply it. You can then customize any of the existing elements on it.
Save your design to your computer
If you want to save a copy of your design to your computer, click “Download” from the menu bar, and then select the file type you would like to save it as. Designs can be exported from Artfia in a range of formats including PNG JPG and PDF.
Share your designs with others
Want to share designs with other people? You can click “Publish” and there is a list of channels you can share the design to. Channels include Whatsapp, WeChat, Linkedin, Dropbox, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook Page.
For Whatsapp and WeChat, Artfia’s sharing feature generates a QR code your friends can scan to access the design. For social media channels, Artfia allows you to directly share the designs.
Order professional prints
Artfia Print allows you to send your designs to print and have them delivered to your doorstep or your company.
Click “Print”, and then select the print options. Enter your delivery and payment detail. Artfia will print your design in the highest quality.
Artfia Teams
On Artfia, you can set up a team available to all Artfia users in order to improve the work efficiency. By entering the email address, you can invite your colleagues to join the team. Artfia allows you to have at least 5 members in a team. As an administrator of the team, you can assign Administrator and Member roles to your team members. They are also able to gain access to or edit your shared designs.
Create and manage a team
You can create a team by clicking “Create new team” on the Team tab from the side panel after you have logged in. Upload team logo, choose a brilliant team name and invite team members by entering email address.
If you want your team upgraded to next level, you can subscribe our monthly or yearly packages. You would be allowed to add more team members and enjoy more features from Artfia.

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